Annual Rockwell Lions Club auction a success

Dozens of people gather for the Rockwell Lions Club Consignment Auction at Chamber Acres on August 5. HUNTER SHEVER|THE PIONEER ENTERPRISE

The Rockwell Lions Club held a consignment auction on Saturday, August 5, to raise money for different community projects and scholarships.

This year marked the 13th time that the Lions Club has done a consignment auction as a fundraising activity. Approximately 300 people showed up to the event this year, which had over 100 items up for auction. The items up for sale ranged from glass wine jugs to state-of-the art farm equipment.

“We [had] something for everyone, farm equipment, tractors, lawn mowers,” Rockwell Lions Club President Tim Nuehring said. “It went awesome. We had a lot of nice sponsors and we couldn’t have done this without the sponsors and all those who donated.”

People came to the Lions Club with things that they want to be auctioned, and the Lions Club provided the venue and the auctioneer. In return, the club received anywhere from five-20 percent of the sale price in commission.

Read the full article in the August 10 edition of the papers.