Area historian looks at vintage Valentines

Historian John Cunningham displays the 75 year old Valentines cards his family received in the 1940s.

Valentine’s Day, February 14, is a special day for honoring sweethearts. It may go back to Roman times, when a special festival called Lupercalia was celebrated on February 15.

In the 19th century the custom began; sending valentines, pretty decorated cards or pieces of paper, to the boy or girl one liked best. Often the young couples exchanged gifts as well. Then the idea of sending comic valentines became popular. Some cards were slightly insulting and were exchanged with a person who could take the insult in a lighthearted fashion. Many of these cards in the 1940’s cost as little as one cent, a penny each.

Today Valentine’s Day is most important for children and many adults.

They usually send valentines to many friends, not just to the favorite ones.

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