Death of Rockwell man under investigation

On Wednesday, January 9, Rockwell police and EMTs responded to a medical call reporting an unresponsive male at 213 East Main Street. When paramedics arrived on the scene the man, identified as Danny Lee Belcher, 47, was discovered deceased.

While there were no obvious signs of trauma or injury, the state of the house, which is under heavy renovation, has left the circumstances behind the death unclear. While nothing inherently suspicious about the scene has been announced, the situation led Rockwell Police Chief Richard Whitney to turn the investigation over to the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Department, who in turn brought in the Cerro Gordo County Medical Examiner's Office.

"We're just proceeding on the side of caution," said Whitney. "It's just not a clear cut case."

Witnesses have been interviewed and statements were taken by law enforcement, who have also tapped off the house as they wait for the autopsy report to come back.

This story will be updated in the January 17 issue of the Pioneer Enterprise.