Edu-culture • Third graders get hands-on agriculture learning at Farm Bureau Ag Fair

The 2019 Farm Bureau Ag Fair last Tuesday let area third graders see farming first hand, including livestock. PHOTOS BY GREG FORBES

Area third graders proved that it’s possible to have fun and learn at the same time. Franklin County Farm Bureau last Tuesday sponsored its annual Ag Fair at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. The event allows Tall Corn FFA and West Fork FFA members the opportunity to show their projects and livestock to third graders from AGWSR, CAL, Hampton-Dumont, St. Paul’s Lutheran School and West Fork.

Anna Dunnwald, Franklin County Farm Bureau, said the fair is a two-part component. The first part happens earlier in the year, with Ag in the Classroom, where agricultural professionals visit students at the schools and explain their careers.

“That helps them connect that their food, their clothes…almost everything starts on the farm,” she said. The second component is the fair itself, which gives elementary students the chance to see farming, livestock and conservation in action. They are able to touch live animals, see machinery demonstrations and learn about virtually everything involved with agriculture.

“This allows that hands-on component,” Dunnwald said. “We love seeing the kids excited to do all those things.”

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