Extension science camp lets students explore the world of raptors

Kim Booth, with Iowa State University Extension Franklin County, watches as students dissect an owl pellet at the Outdoor Science Camp last Thursday.

As area children found out last week, science can be a little weird and a lot of fun.

Nearly a dozen students, from third grade and up, participated in the Iowa State University Extension Franklin County’s Outdoor Science Camp at Mayne’s Grove.

In the morning, students learned about raptors and their habitats, characteristics and more from former Franklin County Conservation Director Dennis Carlson and then had a chance to dissect an owl pellet (undigested food the owl regurgitates.) In the pellets, students were able to find small bone fragments and determine what animal the owl had consumed.

After a lunch of pizza made over a fire, the children were able take to the water in canoes and kayaks.

“It’s a fun way for kids to come out and experience nature,” said Kim Booth, youth coordinator for Franklin County Extension.

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