FGH offers tips to navigate allergy season

The late arrival of spring brought smiles to most Iowans faces but for some, it also means tears and runny noses.

Blooming flowers and growing plants hail the beginning of allergy season in the area. Information provided by Trish Thoma, allergy specialist with Mercy North Iowa in Mason City, who also services patients at Franklin General Hospital, said one in every five people suffer from allergies.

The high number of allergy sufferers is due to the fact that allergies aren’t picky in who they affect. Thoma said people can develop allergies at any age but can also outgrow them at some point. She added that people may develop allergies when moving to a new location that has different strands of pollen, species of trees or types of grass.

Much like people are allergic to different things, people react differently as well. Thoma said classic symptoms of seasonal allergies include a feeling of being run down, sneezing, coughing, scratchy throat and watery eyes.

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