Final caucus results are announced

Caucus discussion, Precinct captains for Bernie Sanders (foreground) and Pete Buttigieg (background) provide information to uncommitted voters during the later stages of the Feb. 3 Democratic Presidential Caucus conducted at the West Fork High School Media Center in Sheffield.

The final results have been announced for the Monday Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses.


Incumbent President Donald Trump was a runaway winner in the Republican voting with 31,464 (97.1 percent). Finishing a distant second was Bill Weld with 426 votes while Joe Walsh claimed third place with 348 votes. There were 151 votes split among others.


When it came to the Democratic caucus three different sets of results were released.

1) The pre-realignment vote total: This is the initial tally of how many people prefer each candidate at each of the more than 1,600 individual caucus sites (added together for a statewide total). Basically it's who got the most votes the first time around.

2) The final vote total: After the first tally any supporters of a candidate who got less than a certain threshold of the vote (15 percent in most precincts) could shift their support to another candidate. Candidates who were below the viability threshold was eliminated as “nonviable,” and a new and final tally was taken. Sothis was who got the most votes after a reshuffling.

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