Fireworks light up Rockwell at annual show


Fireworks at the annual Independence Day celebration in Rockwell went off with no major incidents this year.

In total, the Rockwell Fire Department — which hosts the explosive display every year — shot off $6,000 worth of fireworks during the July 3 event at Linn Grove Park. This amounts to approximately 200 shells and over 100 ground displays.

During the display, there was a low flying shot that destroyed some of the mortar tubes and racks used to set off the fireworks, but no one was injured. The low flying shot also destroyed some of the wires connecting the fireworks to the communication box, slowing the show down temporarily. However, Rockwell Fire Chief Mark Lowe and four other firefighters in his department were nearby, so they would be able to respond quickly in case a fire broke out.

“Everybody was safe and the show went off as expected for the most part,” Lowe said. “We thank the support of the community to be able to put on the show.”

Read the full article in the July 13 edition of the papers.