Franklin County ends “sanctuary city” policy

Sheriff Linn Larson changes policy on communicating with immigration officials

     Franklin County will no longer participate in the withholding of information on arrested individuals from immigration officials, according to Franklin County Sheriff Linn Larson. Such policy previously aligned Franklin County with “Sanctuary Cities” across the country, who withhold such information as a means of eliminating the threat of deportation during the law enforcement process.

     Franklin County’s new policy will entail full communication with immigration officials regarding backgrounds on individuals arrested, as well as sharing suspicions of instances of unlawful immigration of said individuals, Larson said.

     Many might have seen Franklin County listed on several websites including the Center for Immigration Studies, as well as published by several online news sites, under the classification as a “Sanctuary City/County.” While Larson said that he doesn’t know how the listing got on the internet, as no one contacted the Sheriff’s Office to be put on the list, he is not sure how the county will be removed, seeing as there was no contact made.

     Read the full article in the Feb. 9 edition of the Press.