Historic Dougherty farm opens for annual tour

Tyden Farm No. 6 in Dougherty.

In 1885, a Swedish immigrant named Emil Tyden came to the United States with just $20 to his name. After he arrived, he went on to become well known for his inventions, from cargo seals for railroads to fire-fighting sprinkler systems.

During his lifetime, Tyden was also heavily involved in agriculture, and purchased and built up eight large farms in north central Iowa, one of which was located in Dougherty.

Today, Ted and Judy Pitzenberger own that very location, called Tyden Farm No. 6, and it is the only one of Tyden’s farms that is fully restored and maintained historically. And once a year, the couple opens up the farm for a public tour, which took place on June 10.

“We really want to thank you all for coming,” Judy Pitzenberger said at the beginning of the tour. “This kind of has grown, a little at a time. We really love it.”

Read the full article in the June 15 edition of the papers.  Photos from the tour are available to view/purchase through our Smugmug photo site by clicking here.