Hometown business touching hearts in Haiti

The fifth and sixth grade Sunday school students of Zion St. John Lutheran Church in Sheffield show off their loot for Heart for Haiti project.

Sheffield's own Sukup Manufacturing Company has extended their time, resources and compassion to a people not only beyond Iowa, but also beyond the United States. Sukup's Haiti outreach program has made the nation seem less like a faraway land and more like a neighbor in need.

Due to their geographic location, the people of Haiti are particularly vulnerable to hurricane-related disasters. Partnered with GoServ Global, of Eagle Grove, hundreds of "Safe T Homes" were established in the country in 2016, 100 percent of which withstood Hurricane Matthew, while only 10 percent of traditional housing survived, according to a press release from Sukup.

This year, Sukup has announced their intentions to take their involvement further, in the form of the project Heart for Haiti. For the whole month of February, the company is gathering donations of notebooks, crayons, pencils, pens, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and children's underwear for children at the Village of Hope in Les Cayes, Haiti.

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