Just Talkin' 9-4-19

Its Monday . . . it’s Labor Day . . . so here I am laboring at the office. I didn’t know if Labor Day meant one has to work or not. But I’m not taking any chances! Besides . . . there’s plenty of work to do. It’s been a good week . . . they all are as long as I’m still here to talk about them! Got another order for popcorn bags. I’m taking part of the week end to separate them . . . as they are usually stuck together . . . this order is no exception! What that means is that an order of 5,000 is actually 10,000, because one is handling them twice. Spent some time (more than usual) cleaning both presses. It had been a while, as each time I started cleaning one of them . . . something came in that needed to be done . . . thusly putting a halt to the cleaning! Finally got the job completed . . . and from now on I will clean them as soon as I’m done using them . . . at least that’s the plan! We’ll see! This week was also spent getting the rummage sales and garage sales ready. There was a time when there would be 30/40 ads. That has dwindled down to six this time. The reason: I have an idea . . . but I’ll keep it to myself! This coming week end is the annual “People in the Park” event in Sheffield. We’re hoping for good weather and a good attendance. Lots of folks have put a lot of time into the event . . . and they hope you have a good time! As do I! The annual event also means to me that the young folks from Altoona will be here! I always look forward to that!

Home . . . a couple of evenings there spent ironing. I know . . . I’m a little “different,” but I actually don’t mind that job. I set the ironing board up in the living room and watch TV while getting the job done. Maybe that accounts for the double creases now and then! Time also spent in the garage and working on the older vehicles, to make sure they make it through the parade Saturday. Things that have happened in parades during the past years include the convertible catching on fire while escorting Eugene and Mary Sukup in the Franklin County Fair parade at Hampton (if memory serves me right, they ended up riding in the fire truck and the convertible came back to Sheffield on a trailer!); broke a water hose in the parade at Swaledale; Lost a fender skirt in the parade here at Sheffield; and a battery went dead at a Hampton car show; and the windshield wipers quit working during a rain storm on the way to a car show over west somewhere! I’m sure there were more . . . but those I remember. Oh, I ran out of gas while just out for a ride! I’ll blame that one on a gas gauge that didn’t work properly! I always thought I should call a wrecker service when I left town to make sure they were working that day! But when I consider that the cars were restored 30+ years ago . . . I actually have been pretty lucky. I’ve talked to many others at car shows . . . and I’m not lonely when it comes to needing a wrecker! Had some indoor/outdoor carpet put on the back steps to the hacienda. Notice that I didn’t say “I” did the job! A couple of good friends did it. My job was to not agitate and stay the heck out of the way! It was hard . . . but I did! And they did a good job! Nic, Angie and Lidia will be here Saturday for the parade and the festivities. I think Lidia will have the large cast taken off and a smaller one put on. Thusly getting rid of the wheel chair. She loves to throw candy out to the kids . . . and possibly eat some herself! Me . . . I finally treated myself to some new bath towels, wash clothes, and hand towels. I have a new set in the linen closet . . . but I decided to get a new set for every day. Why, I don’t know. The old set I have been using for the past ten+ years finally were not much more than rags. (I think I could have read through them!) Angie and Dawn, her mother in law, bought the new ones the Christmas after Lid passed away. I think I got the good out of them! And so went the past week. I hope to see a lot of friends at “People in the Park” this coming week end. I’ve put in for nice week end . . . but I’m not sure how much pull I have! Be good to each other folks! Be good Kids+! It’s Showtime!