Kofoot honors Franklin County Fair’s ice cream with 4-H project

From left: Robynn Kofoot, James Jorgensen, founder of the Franklin County Fair ice cream shop, Peyton Kofoot and Beeds Mill Quester Gaylene Borcherding stand outside the ice cream shop at Pleasant Hill on the Franklin County Fair Grounds. The questers awarded Peyton for his 4-H project, which detailed the history of the ice cream shop. GREG FORBES/ SHEFFIELD PRESS

Peyton Kofoot’s fair project garnered a blue ribbon at the Franklin County Fair and a purple at the Iowa State Fair, but the meaning behind the project what gives the project its heart.

Peyton, a sixth grader at Hampton- Dumont, elected to research the history of the ice cream stand at the Franklin County for the self-determined 4-H project category.

The topic was an easy one to choose, as his parents have helped run the stand since 2013.

“My dad and mom work here,” said Peyton when asked why he chose to chronicle the ice cream stand.

Robyn Kofoot, Peyton’s mother said, the project was important because it helps highlight a cherished part of the fair while letting people know the origins of the ice cream shop.

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