Learning about technology at West Fork

Three members of Hyperstream work on their robot, which they will program to follow directions.  



Students work on their competition entries at Hyperstream at the Rockwell campus.

HyperStream exposes students to different technologies

     Twice a month, West Fork students in fifth through eighth-grades participate in an after school club called HyperStream, led by tech teacher Jennifer Otten.

     “HyperStream is a state program that exposes students to different types of technology,” Otten said.

     The state program is for grades 5-12, but West Fork currently only has the fifth through eighth-grade component, and it is in its third year at West Fork.

     HyperStream was created by the Technology Association of Iowa, and focuses on fostering real world interaction and project-based learning through hands-on projects, competitions, presentations and technology clubs—like the one at West Fork.

     Read the full article in the Feb. 9 edition of the papers.