Local bookworms kick off Summer Reading Program

Participants in the summer reading program pictured with geologist Lynn Thayer. PHOTOS COURTESY JESSICA FORESHOE

Libraries and young readers alike are thrilled at all that is to come in this summer’s reading program, and Sheffield Library Director Jessica Foreshoe reports the first week has been a success.

Lynn Thayer, geologist, visited the library last week to give a presentation on fossils, minerals and more. He had samples from all over the world, and some that glowed fluorescent under black light. Twenty-two families signed up to visit and hear what Thayer had to say.

Kids involved in the SRP also studied music last week, reading about musicians from John Coltrane to Taylor Swift. The group listened to samples, studied styles and discussed genre and lyrics. They not only got to listen to music, but make their own as well: students were able to construct their own maracas and finger pianos, then perform for their peers.

“The message was no matter what other people say, keep working hard towards your dream,” said Foreshoe of the music studies last week.

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