New Voting Regulations

As state legislature drafts new election regulations, Franklin County isn’t experiencing any ‘misconduct’

In the wake of recently discovered discrepancies in the 2016 election in Dallas County, Iowa, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate has urged the state legislature to pass his collection of election regulations, known as the Election Integrity Act (HSB 93), so as to prevent further discrepancies.

The Dallas County election infraction came off of human error, according to a press release on behalf of Dallas County Auditor Julia Helm. When all votes were totaled, 5,842 absentee ballots were not included in the total vote. Results of the election, when corrected, did not change the winners, however, Pate has called on lawmakers to give him the authority to ensure such an error doesn’t happen again.

Among the top reforms to election protocol is the use of voter “verification” cards when going to vote. In the wake of President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated comments on election fraud, national attention has been brought to the issue of voting photo IDs to deter illegal voters.

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