Rockwell City Council discusses Storm Water Project

Additional discussion took place at last Wednesday night’s Rockwell City Council meeting regarding how soon significant work on the City’s Storm Water Project could get underway.

Dave Severin of the Rockwell Coop Telephone Association (RCTA) indicated the main issue would be moving the cable to the north side of the alley so that digging could be done as part of the project. Severin noted that until they see where the gas line is going, they won’t be able to tell exactly where they will be able to put the cable.

Severin said he will take the information back to the RCTA Board to determine what the next step should be.

A meeting will be held as soon as possible to figure out the time line on the project.

Telephone Board members will continue to update the Council on the progress of their part of the project.

In summing up the situation, Rockwell Mayor Mike Flatness said, “Getting from Point A to Point B at this point will take a coordinated effort on a lot of people’s parts. Now we need to move forward and get this done.”

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