Rockwell City Council discusses trees and alleys

The Rockwell City Council had a lengthy discussion at its meeting last Wednesday regarding the survey to the East/West Alley between Fourth Street and Third Street and Cherry Street and Mulberry Street and also the extension of Fourth Street from the alley to Mulberry Street.

Mayor Mike Flatness indicated it had been decided at the most recent meeting to survey the land in question.

“The question we face is what to do with mature trees that are currently in the City’s right of way,” he said. “Is it the City’s responsibility to remove those trees?”

City Public Works Director Jay Siefken said there would be 10 mature trees that would need to be removed at a total cost to the City of approximately $10,000.

Councilman Tom Worley said he did not believe it should be the City’s responsibility to cut down the trees.

“We are only doing a partial job if we don’t bring the area in question up to Code,” commented Councilman Brian Koob.

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