Rockwell commits to storm sewer project this summer

The Rockwell city council decided to move forward with their storm sewer renovation project this year during their regular meeting on Wednesday, March 6.

At the meeting, the board held a public hearing concerning a resolution to enter into a general obligation bond for up to $1,030,000 to finance the project.

Though the resolution was approved, it was not without debate and concerns. The council discussed whether or not it would be better to delay the project for a year and re-apply for a USDA grant next year instead of financing the project now through a general obligation loan.

“It puts a substantial raise on taxes,” noted council member Brian Koob.

Originally, the plan for financing the storm sewer renovation was to utilize a USDA grant that could be paid off over 40 years. Each household in Rockwell would contribute to repaying the loan through an additional surcharge on their water bill of approximately five dollars.

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