Rockwell council discusses dog bite

A recent dog bite incident in Rockwell was evaluated during the city council meeting on August 2.

The owner of the dog involved in the accident, Rockwell resident Heather Dixon, spoke during the meeting and explained the situation, which occurred on Sunday, July 30. She said that her almost two-year-old Collie-Labrador-Boxer mix dog, Baymax, had bitten a child on the evening of July 30.

The child involved in the situation — along with another child — was outside on Dixon’s property at the time of the incident, and had previously been told to avoid contact with her son after an incident at school. Baymax accidentally slipped out of the front door that evening and bit the child, she explained.

It was the first time Baymax has ever bit anyone, Dixon added. “They know they’re not supposed to be on the property,” Dixon said. “It just happened so fast I couldn’t react.”

Rockwell Police Chief Rick Whitney was notified of the incident right away, Dixon said, and he had her remove the dog from city limits.

Read the full article in the August 10 edition of the papers.