Small farm, mini cattle

Dustin Pillard giving treats to his herd. ZACH CLEMENS PHOTO

Pillard has about 50 head of cattle, and gets 20-25 calves each year. ZACH CLEMENS PHOTO

     Driving by Dustin Pillard’s farm just north of Rockwell, cattle are likely to be seen grazing in his fields. The livestock on Pillard’s farm aren’t just any bovine; these are mini cattle.

     Pillard’s specializes in a miniature version of cattle, specifically bred to be small in stature, but look like a Texas Longhorn.

     “We call the breed Western Heritage,” Pillard said. “They resemble Texas Longhorn and come in a wide variety of colors.”

     Pillard has been around cattle his whole life, helping out with the livestock on his grandfather’s farm when he was a kid. He found out about miniature cattle about 25 years ago.

     “There are various small breeds, but not a lot of miniature stuff,” Pillard said. “So we looked at small breeds and colorful breeds and crossbred them to look like longhorns.” 

   Read the full article in the April 20 edition of the papers.