State Auditor Sand visits Hampton

State Auditor Rob Sand met with Hampton residents for an informal public meeting on Monday, Oct. 28. TRAVIS FISCHER/HAMPTON CHRONICLE

State Auditor Rob Sand paid a visit to Hampton on Monday, October 28 for a public meeting to talk with local residents.

Sand started the meeting with an update on the changes he has made to the State Auditor's office since being elected last year.

"We've been very busy," said Sand. "Most of the stuff we talked about during the campaign we've already delivered on."

Foremost among these is the greater integration of people with law enforcement backgrounds to the State Auditor's office, particularly people with experience in financial crimes. As the State Auditor's duties occasionally overlap with the Attorney General, this ensures that the information coming out of the auditor's office is suitable to be used in court.

As somebody with a background in financial law enforcement himself, Sand is pushing for legislation that would require jail times for financial crimes like theft or embezzlement of public funds.

"You've got to have accountability for it. Enough is enough when it comes to probation," said Sand. "I think that will do a good job of preventing financial crime in Iowa."

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