Swaledale addresses nuisance property problem

After discussing the issue of nuisance properties during the May 8 city council meeting, the City of Swaledale took the next step toward cleaning up local properties by offering a free large item pick up, held on June 3.

According to Swaledale Mayor John Drury, despite cleaning up a number of properties in the past, there are around eight properties throughout the town that fall into the nuisance category, equating to just under 10 percent of the town’s total number of households. Some are abandoned, while others are still inhabited, but they are all cluttered with “miscellaneous junk,” or overgrown and under maintained in some way.

“It’s always been somewhat of a problem,” Drury said. “Every town is going to have some nuisance property problems. But it’s very, very visible here due to the location of a lot of the properties. The complaints have just gotten to the point where nobody can really take it anymore, I guess.”

Read the full article in the June 15 edition of the Enterprise.