Swaledale Fire's skid unit collection is two-thirds complete

The new unit will continue the department's efforts to increase the mobility of their firefighting technology. SAVANNAH HOWE

The Swaledale Fire Department recently received its second skid unit installation, after having the machine fully funded by the Barkema Trust Fund later last year.

The department applied for a grant to the Trust Fund and was given the $13,000 necessary to purchase the unit. Swaledale Fire Department's Public Informant Jesse Watters said that the department is hopeful to acquire a third unit in the future.

A skid unit is a water propulsion system that is fixated to the bed of a pickup truck. This fire fighting apparatus is ideal and infinitely beneficial to a rural department such as Swaledale's.

"Skid units on pickup trucks make it easier for us to respond to grass fires and brush fires, and assist neighboring departments. It makes us more mobile," stated Watters.

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