Thornton council discusses sewer improvements

Waterworks were again on the agenda during the Thornton City Council’s regular meeting on Monday, March 4.

At the meeting the council continued their discussion on updating the city’s storm water system and how such a project would be paid for.

To that end, Tom Madden, an engineer with Yaggy Colby Associates, attended the meeting to share the results of a preliminary study of the city’s storm sewer done over last summer. The study provided estimates as to what the current state of the storm sewer is, however it will be impossible to fully map out the 80 year old storm sewer without digging deeper.

“In fact, some of the stuff we think is there might not even be there,” said Madden.

The first step in plotting out a plan for storm sewer renovations will be dye testing the water to see where everything goes, followed by identifying the spots in the city with the worst drainage.

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