Virtual reality comes to West Fork

The AEA representative leads the children along the journey.

Students in Elizabeth Bohl's class experience virtual reality. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Students took part in a “virtual field trip”

West Fork students were in for a special lesson using virtual reality headsets.

Deb Veersteg, a representative from the Area Education Agency, visited a number of different classrooms on Thursday, Feb. 9 to demostrate virtual reality to West Fork students and led the classes through a lesson.

Each classroom got to pick what lesson they would experience. There were over 300 scenes the students could pick from, and Elizabeth Bohl’s fourth grade class chose an adventure in a submarine, getting to virtually go into a submarine and dive to the depths of the ocean.

“Kids are immersed in the experience instead of just seeing a picture,” said Wendy Fullerton, the curriculum coordinator at West Fork. 

Read the full article in the Feb. 16 edition of the papers.