What to do with storm water

Excessive water can cause problems for the sanitary sewer system and the residents connected to it. Travis Fischer

It’s been a stormy September and October isn’t looking much dryer. With the rainy season comes worries about flooding, particularly in homes with leak prone basements. As the rain gauge fills up it can feel like there’s more water inside than out, forcing residents to turn on the sump pump and get rid of the unwelcome pool.

However, that water still has to go somewhere and sometimes homeowners don’t realize that not every drain is suitable to get rid of their basement water. One might think that it all ends up in the same place, making the bathtub as good a drain as any to send away the unwanted water, however where you discharge your sump pump does matter.

“I don’t recommend pumping into the sanitary sewer,” said Greg Meier, who oversees the water systems of Swaledale and Thornton.

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